Bachelor of Arts(Distance)

Degree Code:CO1M3
Degree Name:Bachelor of Arts(Distance)
Degree Type:BACHELOR
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Level : 1
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CLC111 Principles & Practice Of Communication60View Description
CLL101 The Nature And Functions Of Language60View Description
CLE101 The History And Varieties Of English60View Description
CHS101 History Of Kenya Since 190060View Description
CHS103 Technogical Change Thro' Time60View Description
CPS102 Politics And Governance In Africa60View Description
CPS101 Introduction To Political Science60View Description
CPY103 History And Systems Of Psychology60View Description
CSO101 Introduction To Sociology60View Description
CPY101 Introduction To Psychology60View Description
CLA101 Introduction To Arabic60View Description
CRS103 Comparative Religion60View Description
CLA103 Communication Skills In Arabic60View Description
CLC113 Computer Application In Information Communication60View Description
CGP105 Physical Geography 160View Description
CGP107 Human Geography 160View Description
CPP101 Introduction To Philosophy60View Description
CPP103 Introduction To Logic60View Description
CCS001 Communication Skills60View Description
CLL102 Introduction To Language And Linguistics60View Description
CLT101 Introduction To Oral Literature60View Description
CLS103 Introduction To Swahili Usage60View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CSO102 Introduction To Anthropology60View Description
CRS102 Sociology Of Religion60View Description
CRS104 Comparative Religion Ii60View Description
CLA102 Elementary Language Skills60View Description
CLA104 Basic Arabic Grammer60View Description
CPY114 Psychology Of Learning Motivation60View Description
CPY116 Psychology Of Human Development60View Description
CSO103 Introduction To Comparative Sociology60View Description
CSO104 Sociolisation Process60View Description
CPS103 Basic Concepts In Political Science60View Description
CPS104 Politics And Govt In Kenya60View Description
CHS104 Topics In World Civilisation60View Description
CLC112 Communicative Grammer Of English60View Description
CLC114 Communication Systems60View Description
CPP102 Philosophy And Scientific Methods60View Description
CPP104 Ethics60View Description
CCS010 Hiv/aids60View Description
CLE102 Christianity & Islam In Africa60View Description
Level : 2
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CPP201 Problems Of Philosophy60View Description
CPP203 African Philosophy60View Description
CPY203 Social Psychology60View Description
CPY205 Personality Psychology60View Description
CPS201 Introduction To Political Theory60View Description
CPS241 Introduction To Public Administration60View Description
CSO201 Social Theory I60View Description
CSO202 Quantitative Research Methods60View Description
CRS201 Introduction To Old Testament60View Description
CRS204 Religion, Culture And Communication60View Description
CRS201 Religion, Culture And Communication60View Description
CHS201 History Of Africa To 180060View Description
CLA201 Arabic Structure60View Description
CLA203 Modern Arabic Texts60View Description
CLE201 Modern English Phonotics And Phonology60View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CPS251 Introduction To Political Economy45View Description
CPS221 Introduction To Comparative Politics60View Description
CHS202 History Of Africa Since 180060View Description
CHS204 Philosophy Of History60View Description
CPY201/214 Biopsychology60View Description
CPY208 Abnormal Psychology60View Description
CSO204 Social Statistics I60View Description
CSO206 Rural Sociology60View Description
CLA202 Comprehension In Arabic Translation60View Description
CLA204 Introduction To Arabic Translation60View Description
CRS205 African Religion60View Description
CRS207 Introduction To Islam60View Description
CPP202 History Of Ancient Philosophy60View Description
CPP207 Political Philosophy60View Description
CCS010 Hiv/aids60View Description
Level : 3
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CPS303 Theory Of Political Inquiry60View Description
CPS307/CGP307 Human Resource Development60View Description
CPS334/233 Issues In International Relations60View Description
CPS346 Administrative Theory60View Description
CHS301 Sources Of African History60View Description
CHS303 Eastern Africa To 190060View Description
CHS313 Imperialism & Nationalism In Africa & Other Third World60View Description
CPY301 Health Psychology60View Description
CPY303 Addictive Disorders60View Description
CPY311 Stress Management60View Description
CSO301 Sociological Theory Ii60View Description
CSO308 Social Statistics Ii60View Description
CSO309 Political Sociology60View Description
DCC208 Contemporary Moral Issues45View Description
DMA301 Marketing Strategies And Plans45View Description
DMS304 Information System Development45View Description
DMS305 Electronic Data Processing45View Description
DAC304 Advance Management Accounting45View Description
DIN Risk Management45View Description
DHR301 Management Of Human Resources45View Description
DFI301 Monetary Theory And Practice45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CPS304 Methods Of Political Inquiry45View Description
CPS321 Politics And Govt. In East Africa45View Description
CPS321 Politics And Govt. In East Africa45View Description
CPS312 Political Parties And Pressure Groups45View Description
CPS342 Development Administration45View Description
CHS302 Theory And Methods Of Historical Research45View Description
CHS304 Eastern Africa Since 190045View Description
CSO302 Qualitative Research Methods45View Description
CSO 306 Urban Social Structures45View Description
CSO312 Medical Sociology45View Description
CPY307 Behaviour Modification45View Description
CPY203 Social Psychology45View Description
CPY309 Deviant Behaviour45View Description
CSO313 Community Development And Social Welfare45View Description
CPY316 Human Sexuality45View Description
DHR302 Industry Relations Management45View Description
DFI306 Public Finance45View Description
DMA303 Organizational Behaviour45View Description
DMS302 Operational Research Ii45View Description
Level : 4
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CSW400 Gender And Development45View Description
CSO413 Social Planning In Developing Countries45View Description
CSO410 Law And Society45View Description
CPY417 Forensic Psychology45View Description
CPY413 Psychology Of The Family45View Description
CPY415 Community Psychology45View Description
CHS403 Topics In History Of Post-colonial Kenya45View Description
CHS404 Historiography Of Kenya45View Description
CHS404 History Of Kenya's Foreign Policy45View Description
CPS444 Public Administration In Kenya45View Description
CPS451 Politics Of Multinational Corporations45View Description
CPS443 Administratin Of Public Enterprises & Privatization45View Description
CCS007 Science And Technology45View Description
DIN401 Liability Insurance45View Description
DBA401 Strategic Management45View Description
DBA403 Entrepreneurship45View Description
DBA408 Small Business Management45View Description
DHR401 Compensation Management45View Description
DMS401 Resaerch Methods45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
CPY416 Introduction To Counseling45View Description
CPY306 Consumer Psychology45View Description
CPS441 Administration Of Rural Development45View Description
CPS433 Politics Of Regional Co-operative & Conflict45View Description
CPS452 Dependency Of Development In The Third World45View Description
CSO409 Ecology And Society45View Description
CSO414 Sociology Of Aging45View Description
CSO404 Sociology Of Development45View Description
CCS007 Science And Technology45View Description
CHS401 Historiography Of Kenya45View Description
CHS402 Economic History Of Kenya45View Description

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