Centre for Open and Distance Learning (CODL) Joint Writers Workshop

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Fri, 2016-08-26 11:41
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The Centre for Open and Distance Learning (CODL) conducted a joint writers workshop for the college of humanities and social sciences (CHSS) at the Central Catering unit (CCU) from Monday August 8 2016 to Thursday August 11, 2016.

The workshop participants included both new writers and old writers who are completing their modules.

Mr. Odumbe Jackoniah, Director CODL giving his presentation.

For the new writers, the workshop focused on the following key objectives:

  • Sharing inputs for writing instructional materials
  • Developing outlines and outcomes for the modules and lectures
  • Reorganizing and developing lectures in line with the outline requirement
  • Providing for interactivity and visualization
  • Ensuring conversational approach in module development

For old writers, the workshop focused on the following objectives:

  • Sharing the characteristics of effective self- instructional materials
  • Sharing sample modules for getting updates
  • Identifying gaps in modules
  • Completing the remaining lectures
  • Finalizing the module for review complete with activities, summaries and further reading/references
  • Sharing the quality assurance strategies
  • Reviewing the module assigned as applicable
  • Revising the module after review
  • Submitting the finalized modules
  • Developing outline and learning outcomes for new modules
  • Providing the way forward.
  • Some of the writers who attended the workshop

During the closing ceremony of the workshop, the Director, CODL noted that the Centre for Open and Distance Learning is in the process of developing OER to make all instructional materials available online. He encouraged all writers to continue developing their modules during their free time noting that the University is now focusing on providing instructional materials in the e-learning portal for all students.

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