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Thu, 2016-06-23 09:00
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Group photo of the representatives of Deans and Chairmen of the collaborating schools and Faculties


The university launched the four flagship programmes geared towards the fulfilment of the Kenya Vision 2030 objectives. The programmes which will be using Open, Distance learning in print and e-learning modes are:

  1. Master of Veterinary Public Health
  2. Master of Science in Climate Change
  3. Postgraduate Diploma/Master of Science in Energy Management
  4. Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education


The programmes were developed by the Center for Open and Distance Learning with collaboration between the Centre for e-Learning, and the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (CAE), Department of Public Health, Pharmacology & Toxicology (CAVS), Department of Meteorology (CBPS) and Department of Communications Technology at School of Education (CEES)

In a speech read by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (AA), Prof. Henry Mutoro, the Vice-Chancellor pointed out that each of these programmes has objectives geared towards the attainment of the Kenya Vision 2030 goals, noting that the Master of Veterinary Public Health will provide knowledge and skills in production and improvement of Animals and Human health, the Master of Science in Climate change will develop capacity to manage climate change and adaptation science and practice for the transformation of lives and habits in Kenya and beyond, the Postgraduate Diploma/Master of science in energy management will produce professionals with appropriate knowledge and skills to carry out research in Energy Management and implementation and evaluation of Energy Management Projects while On the other hand, the Bachelor of education in Early Childhood education will develop the capacity to manage educational provision for early childhood, explore issues and trends in the development of early childhood education and design and carry out research in early childhood education.


The launch of the four programmes brings to ten the total numbers of academic programmes dedicated to the fulfilment of the Kenya vision 2030 flagship project.


The Vice-Chancellor further noted that the development of learning materials for delivering these courses has been made possible by the capacity of the Centre for Open and Distance Learning, the use of a  well-developed e–Learning Portal in the University website and learner support available at the Extra-Mural Centres and University Campuses countrywide, showing that the University of Nairobi is ready and committed to developing Open, Distance and e-Learning materials for diversifying, enhancing and enriching our delivery modes of higher education. 


He emphasized that the University as a world class institution must remain at the forefront in the utilization of educational technology for delivery of Higher education and management of the University.  He encouraged students to utilize the online resources, open educational resources and well-trained tutors for support through the e-learning portal, pointing out that this will enable the University to effectively offer its programmes beyond the University campuses and national borders.


Other speakers during the launch included the Director, CODL, J. O. Odumbe, who thanked the University for supporting the Open, Distance

 and e-learning initiative, noting that there are several programmes being developed which will be offered by ODeL mode of study.


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